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The Polyprinter

The Polyprinter 229 is fast, reliable and straightforward to use. Use Polyprinter brand 1.75mm ABS or PLA only. 4mm nozzle, 9"x9"x9" (229mm) volume. 3d Printer Class Required. Main Contact: Rob (rgristroph@gmail.com)

Critical Info!

  • Do NOT use metal tools on the Bed
  • Avoid touching the plate with your fingers. skin oil can affect performances.
  • Only use Polyprinter brand filament reels

Checklist Before I Start

  • Make sure the bed is clean
  • Bend the filament to nearly 180 degrees; if it breaks easily, do NOT use; place in dessicator bin
  • Heat nozzle BEFORE inserting filament in extruder
  • Make sure the filament goes through the pulley at the top and that the pulley is closed.

Checklist When I'm done

  • Clean up the Bed with a soft spatula
  • Wait til parts have cooled before removing
  • Remove previous user's filament & parts;
 place them on the "Finished Jobs" shelf
  • Tuck filament end in to spool so it doesn’t snarl

How to make sure basic KISSlicers's profiles don't get overwritten

  1. Get clean profiles (either from a clean install or here).
  2. Replace the existing profile files (Normally situated here: C:\ProgramData\PolyPrinter\KISSlicer )
  3. Set the profile files to read-only