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HITACHI Oscilloscope V-212



Oscilloscope (V-212 Hitachi)

An oscilloscope is a type of electronic test instrument.

It comprises a screen which typically displays a 2 dimensional graph of constantly varying signal voltages (y axis) with time (x axis).

Oscilloscopes can be used to display any other type of signal which can be converted to a voltage signal.

They are also known as a CROs, standing for Cathode Ray Tube, as originally all oscilloscopes used cathode ray tubes for their display element.

Oscilloscopes include instruments which are used to display the waveform of a heartbeat on an continuous ECG monitor, and also for displays testing automotive ignition system function.

We do not know if this Oscilloscope still works -- TEST

Links and Information

V-212 Manual:

V-211 V-212 Operation Manual.pdf


We have two of these oscilloscopes


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