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Sand Blasting Cabinent

Operating procedure: 1. Place object inside unit, close the door, and close latch 2. Plug in the cord coming from the switch. 3. Check that the air line is connected and turn on switch for vacuum and light (lights will be installed later) 4. Pull the trigger and blast away. Keep the gun about 2ish inches from your work piece.

Shutdown Procedure: 1. Stop sandblasting and turn off the switch 2. Disconnect the airline 3. Open door and enjoy your newly refinished project.

I don't have a comprehensive list of things not to blast in the cabinet. Here is a small list.

-wet paint -semi wet paint -animals and live organisms -toxic things (radioactive, asbestos, etc) -liquids -just use common sense, or email me if you have a question

Below is a link. Please ignore the advertising. It is a good video.

Lastly the media is relatively inexpensive. If you want to change the media to soda, sand, or diamond sand please open the bung at the bottom of the inverted pyramid. Let the media fall into the small trash can below the unit. Then vacuum the inverted pyramid at the bottom of the cabinet to start fresh. Fill the cabinet with new media.