Dunlap/Craftsman 109.0703 Lathe

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This tool is no longer at ATXHS

This page is for historical purposes only. If you are interested in a replacement for it, bring the discussion up on the atxhs-discuss mailing list.

Status: Needs Repair

NOTE: It is believed that this lathe is in such poor shape, old and obsolete that it is unlikely ever to be repaired. Use our TK-105 Lathe instead.

Websites for more info and parts:




Yahoo! Group: AA_109_Lathe_users_Group

Parts Needed:

  • Drive Cone Pulley
  • Motor Cone Pulley
  • Thread Cutting Gears
  • Gearing Control Knob
  • Toolhead Handle

--NLightNMe 21:52, 13 February 2011 (CST)