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Board of Directors [edit]

Kye mug.PNG Kye Flannery
Executive Director
Person-outline.png R.D. Childers
Director of Operations
Board RobRistroph.jpg Rob Ristroph
Director of Finance
Person-outline.png Philip "Flip" Kromer
Director of Human Resources
Person-outline.png Drew Montgomery
Director of Education
Person-outline.png Eric Peterson
Director of Facilities
Person-outline.png Valerie Grace
Director of Administration

Our Founders

Board Martin Bogomolni.jpg Martin Bogomolni
Person-outline.png Ratha Grimes
Person-outline.png Matt McCabe
Person-outline.png Mike Rich

Director Roles

Executive Director ( “Chairman” )

  • Voice of the organization to the public, signs off on public announcements - public contact
  • Responsible for the day-to-day organization and all departments
  • Acquires new investors and identifies revenue streams for the Hackerspace

Director of Operations ("Ops")

  • Plans, and coordinates the operations and activities of the Hackerspace - committee organizer
  • Establish and implement co-op goals, procedures and policies
  • Develops and executes new hackerspace services from start to finish

Director of Administration ("Secretary")

  • Company record-keeper for documents and meeting minutes - chief clerk
  • Manages the overall daily office operations , and vendor relationships
  • Company announcements

Director of Finance ("Treasurer")

  • Maintains the Budget, disburses funds, accepts payments - bursar
  • Manages the financial resources of the company, future resource planning
  • Files taxes, and prepares and supervises financial reports

Director of Human Resources ( “Member-at-Large” )

  • Primary confidential contact regarding member needs, both positive and negative- ombudsman
  • Directs membership drives, public relations, recruiting, and staffing
  • Coordinates w/ special visitors, plans tours, and ‘fun’ activities
  • Develops policies for member safety, welfare, wellness and health

Director of Facilities ("Shop Boss")

  • Maintains a safe, clean, and useable work environment for the membership - custodian
  • Infrastructure chief, in charge of tool acquisition and facility management
  • Safety inspector, responsible for policies regarding facility access

Director of Education (“Dean”)

  • Class organizer, schedules classes and instructors - principal
  • Chief of certification, developing curriculums and safety courses
  • Responsible for educating new and old members about the culture of ‘excellence’

Director of Public Relations (“Minister of Propaganda”)

  • Oversees communications with the public, advertising the space
  • Responsible for social media accounts
  • Organizes open house nights and other events, delegating as necessary
  • Responsible for membership drives