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Hackers hacking in a hackerspace!
Our Motto: "Be Excellent, Make A Difference!"



We are moving into our new location on December 1st, and will have our grand re-opening party soon afterwards!

Our new location is:

9701 Dessau Road Suite #304 Austin, TX 78754

We will continue having our twice monthly member meetings. The location of which will be posted to the Meetings page and announced to the Member List.

We have a temporary location where our Laser is setup so that the membership can have access to it. It is being housed at Das Pflugerhaus, and if you need to use the laser you will need to make an appointment on the Laser_Calendar.

  • Das Pflugerhaus is located at 905 Olympic Dr., in zipcode 78660
  • Hours are from 10am to 8pm Tuesday - Saturday. Check the calendar for more information.

If you have questions please attend the meetings or contact the Board at: board@atxhackerspace.org

Thank you.

What is ATX Hackerspace?

We are a community of people who love to learn and make things, as well as a collaborative industrial workshop.

We have 8000 square feet of space perfect for artists, designers, engineers, makers & hackers, fabbers, scientists, musicians, seminars and workshops, coworking, and a ton of other stuff. Anything that needs a space, involves loud equipment, messy equipment (woodworking, soldering/welding, painting), power equipment (120V, 240V, and 3-phase power available), or ventilation for fumes (etching, spray painting, varnish, etc).

More importantly, we have an established community that's growing. There are lots of different groups in Austin, and friends meeting at coffee shops, bars, and homes. If we combine skills, knowledge, ideas, tools, and materials, just imagine the massive projects that could be undertaken! Even if you're not into any of this, but want to learn, there will be some very smart and fun people around to help teach.

We're hackers (defined here) which means we create things and put them together in new and innovative ways. ATX Hackerspace is dedicated to promote and encourage technical, scientific, and artistic skills through projects, collaboration, and education by all legal means.

Join up, or Renew your membership here

News and Upcoming Events

The hackerspace has moved!! Please pay special attention to the calendar items and announcements for times and locations.

  • Our Membership Meeting is on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month 7:30 until 8pm(ish).
  • Next meeting is at Opal Divine's on Mopac on November 20th from 7:30 to 9pm.

See our Events page for more.


Co-Op members and patrons are given 24 hour access and may bring up to two guests to the space. If you are not a Co-Op member or patron, check the Calendar to see when we have open hours scheduled. If you're interested in coming to check out the space outside of our posted hours, join our mailing list and post a message a day or so before coming over to ask someone to be your host.

You can also check our IRC channel and our Forum.


  • Create an open community of makers & hackers, artists, and open source/hardware enthusiasts to create, share, learn, and collaborate.
  • Help spread knowledge to the larger community, especially in the areas of technology, DIY, security, and privacy.
  • Provide a space for creating, collaborations, workshops, and classes.
  • Provide resources (hardware, tools, materials, access, knowledge) to members and the community.
  • Assist other groups that share similar objectives.
  • Seek to enable others, and others' projects; to help break down barriers; and to avoid erecting barriers.

What can I do to help?

  • Become a Member - See our membership page for more info.
  • Get The Word Out - Tell friends and coworkers about us. Start discussions or suggest projects on our Forum, via the Mailing Lists, on the IRC channel or on Facebook. Add to our knowledge-base on the Wiki.
  • WishList and Donations - We accept donations of materials and resources (speak to our treasurer, Martin Bogomolni), and barter for projects and other things. If you'd like to donate resources, email the Mailing Lists, contact the LLC members, Matthew McCabe, Mike Rich and Martin Bogomolni, or bring your donation to our Tuesday open house and we'll see what we can do.
  • Add to our Wiki - Anyone may get a Wiki account - just ask on our mailing list and someone will create an account for you. You'll have access to edit most pages, upload photos and create new pages of your own. Please read the ATX Wiki Guide if you want to do some heavy editing. If you're wondering whether or not something is OK to edit, remember: What's up here represents everyone -- and it's better to ask forgiveness than permission!