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Board of Directors [edit]

Title Name WikiUser Email Picture
Executive Director Gardner Williams GardnerWilliams chairman@atxhackerspace.org
Director of Operations Christopher McLaughlin Daetilus ops@atxhs.org
Director of Administration Marshall Vaughan Amishacker secretary@atxhackerspace.org YMMV
Director of Finance Martin Bogomolni Martinbogo treasurer@atxhackerspace.org Martinb.jpg
Director of Human Resources Matt Mancuso MattMancuso memberatlarge@atxhackerspace.org
Director of Education Chad Franke Cfranke education@atxhackerspace.org ATHS DoE.jpg
Director of Facilities Tim Fredlund Ethosrot facilities@atxhs.org Ethosrot profile.png
Entire board board@atxhackerspace.org
Entire Co-Op co-op@atxhackerspace.org