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Revision as of 19:18, 28 December 2010 by Rgm (talk | contribs) (note my difficulty following listed "from south" directions)

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"From points south (via 35)" is hard

I tried my own directions last night, (google maps generated then human translated) and they're pretty tough. It's REALLY easy to miss the right-hand turn when getting off 35 N at exit 241 -- you have to cross 2 lanes of traffic in less than 480 meters immediately after getting off the exit. If you're going ~45 mph that gives you ~24 seconds to get past the little plastic pole strip and move over 2 lanes that have cars traveling near highway speeds in them. Then, you have to slow down quickly to make the turn. It'd be better to ignore this most-direct route and recommend overshooting Rundberg and looping back to Cameron, or simply recommend getting on Cameron earlier somewhere. Folks who know the area better might be able to describe particular improved routes, or as I discover them I'll share. Tryin' something different tonight! --Rgm 13:18, 28 December 2010 (CST)