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Our 8,000 square foot community workshop.

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ATXHS P1b.pngATXHS P1.svgFile:ATXHS P1.sh3d
layout overview - vector blueprints - Sweet Home 3d

Please see our location page for directions to the space at 9701 Dessau Rd. Suite 304.

If you would like access to this document, please contact User:Amishacker

Locking Up The Space

If you are the last person to leave the Space at the end of the day, please make sure to turn everything off and lock all the doors:

  1. Back door locked
  2. Rear rollup door locked
  3. #306 (front, closest to storage) door locked
  4. #306 rollup locked
  5. Door to laser vent room should be locked so that it won't open from the outside
  6. Party mode OFF (door card reader light red, if not call Director of Facilities)
  7. Lights off, soldering irons etc off

Arming the Security System

If you are the last people leaving the Space, please arm the security system via the console at the front desk. The touch screen is not very sensitive. You will need to press each button firmly.

  1. Check whether the front door is in "party mode". In party mode, the door is not locked. If it is in party mode, contact the Director of Facilities. His contact information is near the alarm console, and he can remotely disable party mode.
  2. Press "Home"
  3. Press "ARM"
  4. Press "Arm Away"
  5. It should show only 304 and 306 as being open. If any other doors are open, investigate and close them.
  6. Press "Arm Anyway"
  7. Enter the code
  8. Leave within 60 seconds
  9. Make sure the front door is locked

Disarming the Security System

If the security system is armed when you enter the space, you have 60 seconds to disarm it.

  1. Press "Disarm"
  2. Enter the code