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Weekly Membership Meeting (11/29/2011, 7:30PM)

Membership meetings are open to the public.

  • 1st Annual Make'n'Bake Holiday Geek Bazaar and ATX Hackerspace Open House: tentatively Dec 17th or 18th. We need volunteers! Makers, demonstrators for the laser, cricut, mame cabinet, hacked radio, marshmallow gun or whatever you want to show'n'tell. Bakers, open house hosts, TACB certified bartender all needed. We need organizers! Are you good at that sort of thing? We need MORE IDEAS! Can you make a flyer? Can you help us clean up before or after? Mandie will bring a sign-up sheet to the meeting, be there or email her your intent. (Mandie K)

Weekly Membership Meeting (11/22/2011, 7:30PM)

Membership meetings are open to the public.

  • Financial conversion from QuickBooks to Kashoo (Martin B)
  • ACH transactions, a quick howto using your online banking and our routing number (Martin B)
  • Paper checks, invoices, and other fun. (Martin B)
  • More financial transparency, via end-of-month reports on wiki (Martin B)
  • New Space, the current state of the discussion (Martin B)
  • Building and keeping an injection molding machine at the space (Paul B)
  • Steve Baker offering to donate a mostly-complete CNC to the space (Paul B, maybe Steve B?)
  • Getting Tim some help getting meeting minutes up and caught up on the wiki
  • Where to hold the Quarterly Member and Board meeting (Sat, Dec 3 -- 3pm and 6pm)

Weekly Membership Meeting (11/15/2011, 7:30PM)

Membership meetings are open to the public.

  • Finances (Martin B)
    • Switching away from QuickBooks -- the Invoice Disaster
      • Evaluating Kashoo, FreshBooks, and others
    • Debts and balances
    • Budget for Nov based on Oct
  • ACTION!! -- Board needs to look over the issue of ACH's
  • Pro/con switch from QuickBooks
  • ACH's -- can members do it from online banking?
  • Space Federation 

Next Quarterly Member Meeting, ( Sat Dec 3 : 3pm )

The Quarterly Member Meeting will be held at ATX Hackerspace from 3 - 6pm.     Please put your agenda items for the Quarterly Meeting here on the list by no later than Fri Dec 2 at 3pm.   All items that require a vote must be on this list at least 24 hours prior to the meeting to allow time for people to vote-by-proxy online.   Like all Member Meetings, the Quarterly meeting is fully open to the public.

If you need to attend the meeting via teleconference, or need to vote-by-proxy, please submit your votes and requests to: (Tim)

In order to vote at the meeting, you will need to be a Confirmed Member in Good Standing.   This means you need to have gotten your full complement of signatures at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, and be caught up with your hackerspace dues.


  • Report : Quarterly Financials (Martin)
  • Purchased Tools report ( to be read out at meeting, David M already posted to list )
  • Status reports from Committe Heads, as needed (various)
  • Discuss Amateur Radio Callsign For Hackerspace (Mert)
  • Prospective Members Brochure & "So You've Joined ATX HackerSpace" doc
  • Introduce the idea of a new members orientation that occurs on a regular basis separate from Open House.   A formalized event where members can learn all about the benefits and responsibilities of having joined the hackerspace. ( Mandie )
  • VOTE : Correction to Bylaws to be proposed to the Board "Purchase/Sale/Transfer/Disbursement of Shares" to read "If an LLC member should die, or by injury is permanently unable to carry out his/her duty, the shares controlled by that LLC member shall be transferred to his/her heirs or assigns.  If an heir or assign is not declared and witnessed in writing prior to such death or permanent injury, the person with legal power of attorney or executor of the estate of the LLC member shall be responsible for the administration and assigns of the shares in accordance with these Bylaws." (Martin)
  • VOTE : Paul Bonser would like to build and host an injection molding machine to the space.  
  • VOTE : Matt Mancuso would like to continue storing misc automotive parts at the space, and needs a member vote to renew.
  • Report : Information on Rutherford G-2 space, first pass at the minimum cost for a move, and cost/planning needed to make it "habitable" 
  • Reminder : 1st Annual Make'n'Bake Holiday Geek Bazaar: Updates, Call for volunteers, Info (Mandie)
  • Introduce the idea of having responsibility based lead positions for important space tasks needing to be done regularly. (Mandie)
  • VOTE : Marshall would like to a) take down his posters and b) devote a 3' x 3' wall area to his game world.
  • Propose: Stuff on the walls; informational poster-board for scheduling classes, chores, and inspiration. (Marshall)

Next Quarterly Board Meeting, ( Sat Dec 3 : 6pm )

Location of the Quarterly Board Meeting is at ATX Hackerspace from 6pm, unless the Member Meeting runs overtime.


  • Discussion of budget for Q1 2012, yearly budget goals, and deadline (Martin)
  • End-of-year Board report, what we did, what we could do better, how to improve (Chair, Vice, Treasurer, Secretary, Member-At-Large)
  • Items moved over from the Member Meeting for Board Discussion/Vote