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(Next Quarterly Member Meeting, ( Sat Sep 15th, 3pm ))
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**Major Purchases
**Major Purchases
*'''The Great Move Part 2'''
*'''The Great Move Part 2''' (Marshall)
** Status of cleanout
** Status of cleanout
** Status of buildout
** Status of buildout

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Weekly Membership Meeting ( Tues Aug 21th, 7:30PM )


  • Status of the Wall Street negotiations (Jon Kelly, Matt McCabe)
  • Take your stuff home! (aka, we need to clean out the boxes)
  • The Great Space Clean-up ( Martin, Marshall )
  • Re-allocate funds saved for laser cutter to the move (Martin, Marshall)
  • Issues with non-payment of Membership Dues and steps to deal with that (Martin)
    • Ongoing problem, a serious one
    • Dues payments are our lifeline, and serious stuff
    • Easily prevented via AutoPay, but some people won't or don't use it.
    • Late payment, without notification or excuse should result in a late payment fee
    • Two or more late payments, without notification or excuse, and your bill might be sent to a collections agency
    • More serious process ( than 7 signatures ) to re-instate membership lost because of payment default
  • General Announcements

Next Quarterly Member Meeting, ( Sat Sep 15th, 3pm )

It has been pointed out that Sep 1 is the Labor Day weekend. The Quarterly Member Meeting is therefore postponed to Sept 15th! Please make a note of it.

The Quarterly Member Meeting will be held at ATX Hackerspace from 3-6 pm. Please put your agenda items for the Quarterly Meeting here on the list by no later than Fri Aug 31st at 3pm. All items that require a vote must be on this list at least 24 hours prior to the meeting to allow time for people to vote-by-proxy online. Like all Member Meetings, the Quarterly meeting is fully open to the public.

If you need to attend the meeting via teleconference, or need to vote-by-proxy, please submit your votes and requests to:


In order to vote at the meeting, you will need to be a Confirmed Member in Good Standing. This means you need to have gotten your full complement of signatures at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, and be caught up with your hackerspace dues.


  • Report : Quarterly Financials, Yearly Financials ( Martin )
    • Q3 report (Jul-Sep)
    • Profit/Loss
    • Major Purchases
  • The Great Move Part 2 (Marshall)
    • Status of cleanout
    • Status of buildout
    • Call for delegation to volunteers
  • Add your agenda item here

Next Quarterly Board Meeting, ( Sat Sep 15th : 6pm )

Location of the Quarterly Board Meeting is at ATX Hackerspace from 6pm, unless the Member Meeting runs overtime.


  • Discussion of budget for Q4 2012, yearly budget goals, and deadline
  • End-of-quarter Board report, what we did, what we could do better, how to improve (Chair, Vice, Treasurer, Secretary, Member-At-Large)
  • Items moved over from the Member Meeting for Board Discussion/Vote