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Cooperatives are receiving expanded recognition

Opinions of the Committee members

Among 11 voters, itemized by Marshall from meeting notes. note: some voters abstained or split their 2nd place and 3rd place votes!

Charity Cooperative Modified LLC
1st 3 8
2nd 4 3 4
3rd 2 2
NC* 1 4

*No Confidence: I cannot rate/do not trust this option  

Reasoning for this decision, also elaborated here in the minutes

My primary reason for supporting a co-op model is that the assets of the organization are collectively owned by the membership and governance is done by the membership and by a board of directors elected by the membership. I think that ownership and governance are the key issues that lead to the creation of the FotS committee. We are already run like a co-op on a day-to-day basis. Converting into an official co-op will allow us to fix the issues of the LLC owning all assets and having veto power over the membership, facts which are legally true but mostly irrelevant to the current mode of operations. While I personally have full faith in the good will and trustworthiness of the members of the LLC, I think that giving ownership and governance directly to the membership will resolve the cognitive dissonance that currently exists within the hackerspace. - Brandon Wiley, speaking only of his decision (rather eloquently though, I thought)

Support among coops

Donald Jackson of the Black Star coop had specific details for us,
and offered assistance from Black Star Coop and the association of Austin cooperatives (a nascent think-tank)

Donald outlined the process here: File:Starting Co op.docx

Specific bylaw revisions are hereFile:ATX Hackerspace ByLaws Revisions.docx

This certificate of formation would be used to legally embody the coop File:Certificate of Formation Template.docx

The committee asked for further detail, answered hereFile:Responses to Questions.docx