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To learn more about the Space Federation, check out the Space Federation Atrium group in the School Factory's site.

The basic idea: We're building a nationwide network of hacker/maker/collaborative workspaces, sharing resources and infrastructure (just like spaces do with their community) such as non-profit status, insurance, leadership support, technology, grants, sponsorship, funding, and more.

It doesn't cost anything for ATX to join!

You can in addition side-step the entire 501c3 cost and process by obtaining your 501c3 status through the School Factory, for those times when you need it. Fiscal Sponsorship is a legal way for an existing 501c3 to extend its status over an organization or project without that group needing to get its own status.

Read all about that: Fiscal Sponsorship

This also costs ATX nothing, unless you use the status--when we manage a donation for you (not cash, not anything under $250 in a whole year from a single person) we take 10% of the donated amount, and manage all the tax and legal accounting. We then direct deposit the money to you in the checking account for your space.

We recommend you create a non-stock corporation in Texas (costs about $30) to be the 'legal entity' and then we link that entity under our status using a couple of forms, all of which is explained in the links above.

If you have any questions about this, please contact me: James Carlson 414-215-0215