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If you're interested in coming to check out the space outside of our posted hours, join our mailing list and post a message a day or so before coming over to ask someone to be your host. You can also check the IRC channel and our Forum.


For a complete list of events and classes, check out our calendar and class list.

Upcoming Events

ATX Hackerspace presents Chillin' At The Space

MoP, Michelle Elbert, Arc Attack

date: July 27, 2013
time: Noon - ???

ATX Hackerspace
9701 Dessau Rd, Suite #304
Austin, TX 78754


Please see the link above for more information. SO MANY THINGS HAPPENING!

Join the members of ATX Hackerspace and Arc Attack as we enjoy a summer's day of making things and makers of things.

This event is open to ALL AGES.

Musical Guests: - ArcAttack! - And a gaggle of chiptunes artists from Chip TX!

Recurring Scheduled Meetings

Membership Meeting

1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month : 7:30-8:00pm (often runs late, but usually starts on time - be there at 7:30 sharp!)

Location: Our remodeled Hackerspace - 9701 Dessau Rd

Check out the meeting notes to see what we've been discussing, or the Agenda for upcoming topics. Non-members and Provisional Members are always welcome to sit in and speak freely at our membership meetings . . . just leave the voting to confirmed member-owners, please.

Members can add Agenda items here: Agenda

=Quarterly Co-Op Member & Board Meetings

WHO: All Co-Op members, Patrons, and the public (Member Meeting) All Co-Op members, and Patrons (Director Board Meeting)
WHEN: Saturday, November 9th, 2013 : 3:00pm - 5:30pm (members), 7:00pm - late'0 clock (board)
WHERE: The Hackerspace
The Quarterly Member Meeting will be held from 3:00 pm to 5:30pm. Like all Member Meetings, the Quarterly meeting is fully open to the public. If you need to attend the meeting via teleconference, please let us know and we will try to arrange something (eg Google Hangout). Email

In order to vote at the meeting, you will need to be a Confirmed Member in Good Standing. This means you need to be caught up with your HackerSpace dues, and have signed your Joinder Agreement.

Important topics of discussion: Election of Directors, Buildout Phase II, Budgeting
See [thread] for updates

ATX Hackerspace 101

Once a Month : please check the class calender for this month's date.

Location: ATX Hackerspace 9701 Dessau Rd. Ste 303/304 Austin, TX

Do you have questions about how things work around here? Come on down to the monthly ATX Hackerspace 101 Orientation Class! We'll get you sorted.

Public Open Hours

ATX Hackerspace is now open in the evenings for General Business for Members and Patrons.

Hours are 6 PM to 6 AM. This will be 7 days a week starting Sunday, January 27th

Open House Hours in the evening will also be in effect in the evenings, please see below for Open House nights with hosts. This is to make the Space available to the Membership since our contractors are working on build out during the day.

Microcontroller Monday

Host: [we need a new host!]
Time: Every Monday, 7:30-10pm

Hack on MSP430s, dsPICs, Atmel AVRs, Arduino, etc in an informal setting.

Tuesday Open House

Host: ATXHS Board of Directors
Time: Every Tuesday, 8:00-11pm-ish

Tuesday is our main night of the week for socializing and welcoming new guests to the space.

Automotive Thursday

Host: Matt Mancuso Time: Every Thursday, 7-10pm

Fabricator Friday

Host: Martin Bogomolni
Time: Every 2nd and 4th Friday, 5-10pm

Bring your interest in 3D and laser cutter fabrication. Join other people with similar interests, and collaborate to build your stuff. Open to the public as an Open House night at ATX Hackerspace.

If you have a short/fast project to cut on the laser cutter, or print on our 3D printer, we can operate them for you for a fee. Email for more information and to confirm this open house night on the Friday in question.

Software Saturday

Host: Paul Bonser
Time: Every Saturday, 2-6pm-ish

Come hack on your latest project, show off what you're working on, ask someone for a code or design review, collaborate or pair-program with someone. Talk about design patterns or development methodologies. In short, this is about developing software, for fun or profit (or both!), so if you make software, or are interested in learning more about making software, come on down.

Games Night (also Saturday)

Host: Jon Kelly
Time: Every Saturday, 6pm-12am, sometimes later

Games usually consists of a mix of traditional and more modern/obscure board and card games. Anything from backgammon to Settlers of Catan and beyond.