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(4/2/2011, Texas Linux Fest)
(4/2/2011, Texas Linux Fest)
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* [[User:JtotheB|John Berlakovich]]
* [[User:JtotheB|John Berlakovich]]
* [[User:csquared|Chris Continanza]]
* [[User:csquared|Chris Continanza]]
* [[User:eblount|Eric Blount]]
=== 3/19/2011, 5:00-10:00PM: HackOn! Arduinos ===
=== 3/19/2011, 5:00-10:00PM: HackOn! Arduinos ===

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If you're interested in coming to check out the space outside of our posted hours, join our mailing list and post a message a day or so before coming over to ask someone to be your host. You can also check the IRC channel (#austinhackerspace on freenode)

For a complete list of events and classes, check out our calendar.

Public Open Hours

We have an open house every Tuesday at 8PM that, as the name implies, is open to everyone. We also have public open hours:

  • "Microcontroller Mondays" - Host: Jeff Keyzer, 7:30-10pm. Hack on MSP430s, dsPICs, Atmel AVRs, etc in an informal setting.
  • Tuesday Membership Meeting - Host: Martin Bogomolni, 7:30-8:00pm. Check out the meeting notes to see what we've been discussing. Non-members are always welcome to sit in and speak freely at our membership meetings . . . just leave the voting to confirmed members, please.
  • Tuesday Open House - Host: Martin Bogomolni, 8:00-11pm-ish
  • Wednesday Evenings - Host: Jon Kelly, 6-11pm (check first!)
  • "Build Night" Fridays - Host: Marshall Vaughan, 7-11pm

Also check our Events Calendar for other times that we have public open hours!


4/16/2011, 2:00-5:00PM: ACE Innovation

Sarah Loden is helping organize ACE Innovation. An interactive fair celebrating innovative and creative thinking - ACE Innovation is Saturday, April 16 from 2pm - 5pm at the ACE Academy Campus: 3901 Shoal Creek Blvd.

We're looking for individuals/organizations doing innovative things in the arts, technology/sciences, and sustainable living (composting, rainwater harvesting, etc) to serve as interactive hosts and workshop presenters. About those:

  • Interactive Hosts - individuals/orgs that engage visitors in activities t0 enable their fascination and learning. Think: lockpicking skills, demos of chemistry or mechanics, video game development, etc. Exhibiting hours are 2-5pm.Table and chairs are provided, and any table decorations would be up to your bringing.
  • Workshop Presenters - individuals/orgs that give a 15-30 minute interactive educational workshop presentation on their work/projects. There will be a designated stage area to present to the public. Presentation times will be negotiated on an individual basis.

All participating individuals and organizations will be provided refreshments, and recognized on our website (with a hotlink if desired!) and in our programming materials.

Media:2011_Call for Submissions.jpg - This provides general information about ACE Innovation and who we're asking to participate. The deadline to submit your interest to participate as an interactive host or presenter is April 1. Volunteers are welcome to sign up through April 16. Please sign up to participate via the website hotlinks, or let me know directly. My email address is sloden@austingifted.org

4/2/2011, Texas Linux Fest

We are going to have a booth at TXLF. Put your name on the list below if you would like a free ticket (only 6 available). Paul B is organizing this, so contact him if you have any questsions.

Members attending:

3/19/2011, 5:00-10:00PM: HackOn! Arduinos

Martin B is hosting a night to hack on all things Arduino. From learning how to program them, to learning how to make them, and everything in between. Featured projects will be:

  • Arduino controlled hot air rework gun
  • How to build a reflow toaster oven
  • Going beyond DC motor control, how to use steppers

3/11/2011, 6:00-10:00PM: SXSW 2011 Presents 2021: Vision of the Future

Dorkbot, along with Ignite Austin, is putting together their next event! They're looking for people to presenting cool things at their booths, as well as companies interested in sponsoring them!

The theme is 'projects that embody the spirit of the future,' which (according to Laura Smith), loosely translates to 'Gadgets I've been working on lately, and would now like to show off to everyone for a few hours.' Provided will be a table, chairs, wifi, and booze.

Jeff Keyzer will be present and showing off his WiFi Radio Project

Jon Kelly and Tim Fredlund will be showing off the MAME Cabinet.

Martin B and others will host a couple ATX Hackerspace tables, and show off the Makerbot, the Old-Time Radio (possibly connected to the wi-fi radio), a laser cutter, the CNC-in-Progress, the Peggy/Peggy LE, and more!

2/17/2011, 7:30-10:30PM: The Robot Group Meeting

The Robot Group is using our space for their meeting tonight while their normal location is undergoing renovations.

Marshall says:

"There are a lot of knowledgeable (electrical & other) engineers in the group. They have a focus on education and (um) robotics. They often have a show'n'tell format, but none of this will be formal.

"I do know Jamie Hunter will update us on his progress with the ATMEL muBasic interpreter/IDE he is building. I'll have the projector set up, so I'll share a video or three of things I videoed at the hackerspace."