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===ATXHS Meetup at the Black Star Brewery===
ATXHS members, patrons and guests!
'''''date:''''' Tuesday, November 27, 2012<br>
'''''time:''''' 7:30PM - 9:00PM
[http://www.blackstar.coop/ Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery]<br>
7020 Easy Wind Drive, Suite 100<br>
Austin, TX 78752
[http://maps.google.com/maps?client=safari&oe=UTF-8&ie=UTF8&q=black+star+co-op&fb=1&gl=us&hq=black+star+co-op&hnear=Austin,+TX&cid=0,0,4712180659493487136&ei=U-ByS7a4G4zj8Qab2ZXDCw&ved=0CAgQnwIwAA&t=h&ll=30.338213,-97.718711&spn=0.005556,0.006437&z=16&source=embed [map]]
Let's meet up and have a pint. Leave your meetings and agenda items at home. We need a good unwinding! Members, patrons and guests of ATX Hackerspace are all welcome!
===iPads Revisited: 3D Scanning/Printing Demo===
===iPads Revisited: 3D Scanning/Printing Demo===

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If you're interested in coming to check out the space outside of our posted hours, join our mailing list and post a message a day or so before coming over to ask someone to be your host. You can also check the IRC channel and our Forum.


For a complete list of events and classes, check out our calendar.

Upcoming Events

iPads Revisited: 3D Scanning/Printing Demo

MIDEA, the Marcus Institute for Digital Education and the Arts in collaboration with ATX Hackerspace

date: Thursday, December 6th, 2012
time: 1:45PM - 3:45PM

AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center
1900 University Avenue, Austin TX 78705

The event focuses on current iPad initiatives in museums, while also exploring new applications. This afternoon session will be about the use of 3D scanning/printing in the museum where we'll be teaching people hands-on how to use their iPads with 123D Catch to scan their museums.

Many in attendance have probably not yet experienced a 3D printer in action! Having one onsite to see and smell would really solidify the concept for the attendees and will help them brainstorm the place of this technology in their museums and public programs.

Maker Meetup - 3D Printing

Austin Maker Meetup Group

date: Thursday, December 6th, 2012
time: tbd: in the evening, sometime after 6PM

ATX Hackerspace
9701 Dessau Road, Suite 304, Austin TX 78754


ATXHS' 2nd Annual MAKE'n'BAKE: A Holiday Bizarre

Due to the mess of our move into, and build-out of, our new location, we will be pushing the Holiday Bizarre to a different holiday in 2013.

Houston Mini Maker Faire

Houston Hackers

date: tba: January 2012
time: tba



Recurring Scheduled Meetings

Membership Meeting

1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month : 7:30-8:00pm (often runs late, but usually starts on time - be there at 7:30 sharp!)

Location: Our new Hackerspace - 9701 Dessau Rd

Check out the meeting notes to see what we've been discussing, or the Agenda for upcoming topics. Non-members and Provisional Members are always welcome to sit in and speak freely at our membership meetings . . . just leave the voting to confirmed member-owners, please.

Members can add Agenda items here: Agenda

Let's say that again...

Member Meeting, Tuesday, Dec 4th 2012 - AT OUR NEW LOCATION!

Location: Our new Hackerspace - 9701 Dessau Rd

See above link for detailed directions

ATX Hackerspace 101

Last Saturday of every month: 7:00 - 8:00

Location: ATX Hackerspace 9701 Dessau Rd. Ste 303/304 Austin, TX

Do you have questions about how things work around here? Come on down to the monthly ATX Hackerspace 101 Orientation Class! We'll get you sorted.

Public Open Hours


Please check with the organizers of events to see if they are being held at alternate locations during the month of November!

Microcontroller Monday

Host: [we need a new host!]
Time: Every Monday, 7:30-10pm

Hack on MSP430s, dsPICs, Atmel AVRs, Arduino, etc in an informal setting.

Tuesday Open House

Host: ATXHS Board of Directors
Time: Every Tuesday, 8:00-11pm-ish

Tuesday is our main night of the week for socializing and welcoming new guests to the space.

Automotive Thursday

Host: Matt Mancuso Time: Every Thursday, 7-10pm

Build Night Friday

Host: Marshall Vaughan
Time: Every Friday, 7-11pm
(Confirm with Marshall to make sure he'll be there on any given Friday.)

Software Saturday

Host: Paul Bonser
Time: Every Saturday, 2-6pm-ish

Come hack on your latest project, show off what you're working on, ask someone for a code or design review, collaborate or pair-program with someone. Talk about design patterns or development methodologies. In short, this is about developing software, for fun or profit (or both!), so if you make software, or are interested in learning more about making software, come on down.

Games Night (also Saturday)

Host: Jon Kelly
Time: Every Saturday, 6pm-12am, sometimes later

Games usually consists of a mix of traditional and more modern/obscure board and card games. Anything from backgammon to Settlers of Catan and beyond.