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Below you will find a list of the offerings of the hackerspace. There are not yet firm rules in place about all the finer points of classes in general, but in the meantime we still plan to do some awesome and fun stuff!

For a complete list of events and classes, check out our calendar.

Laser classes and use reservations are on a separate LaserCalendar.

Current Classes

MakerBot Safety and Operation

Date(s) TBA
Duration VARIOUS
Cost Free!
Class Size 4
Instructor Martin,Matt M.,Joe S., Tim F.
Wiki Page MakerBot Operation Class

You will learn:

  • How to setup and use the MakerBot
  • How to load material into the MakerBot
  • How to set up ReplicatorG and what settings to use
  • What kinds of files ReplicatorG can use
  • Download printable objects from Thingiverse
  • How to make an object using Blender (3D modeling tool)

Everyone will make one pair of dice on the Makerbot!

Laser Cutter Safety and Operation

Date(s) MON:David M., WED:Tim F., THU:Matt M. see the Calendar
Duration two hours
Cost $15
Class Size 4 or 5
Instructor Martin B., Tim F., Matt M, David M, Nathan S, Gardner W.
Wiki Page Laser Operation Class

You will learn:

  • How to safely start up and shut down the Laser Cutter
  • How to load and unload material
  • Theory of how the laser cutter works, and what materials you can/can't use
  • Setting up, importing, and drawing files in Corel Draw
  • Learning how to deal with different materials:
    • Mat board
    • Corrugated Cardboard
    • Foam core
    • Acrylic
    • Glass
  • Setting up Corel Draw to vector cut / vector engrave / raster
  • Download laserable objects from Thingiverse

Leather and Lace : Advanced Laser Cutter Techniques

Date(s) See the Laser Calendar
Duration 8pm-10pm
Cost $30
Class Size 4
Instructor Martin B.
Wiki Page Leather and Lace Laser Class

Once you have passed the basic Laser Operation Class, if you are interested you can move to more advanced techniques!

  • Working with unusual materials (Leather, Vellum, Marble, Agate, Lace Paper, Cardstock)
  • Using voids, empty, and negative space effectively (glass, acrylic, greeting cards)
  • How to create custom profiles for custom materials
  • Working with Rubber/Silicone, Stamp Carving
  • "3D" engraving techniques (bas relief)
  • "3D" cutting techniques (stacked models)
  • Techniques to get the best Photo Engraving/Halftone/Clipart
  • Scribing and light engraving to make fold/crease lines
  • Layering and working with multiple materials at the same time
  • Techniques for Mass Production on the laser cutter

CarveWright Safety and Operation

Date(s) TBA
Duration VARIOUS
Cost $10
Class Size 4
Instructor Martin B.
Wiki Page CarveWright Operation Class

You will learn:

  • How the CarveWright works
  • How to install and remove bits from the CarveWright
  • How to manually operate the CarveWright for simple operations
    • Measuring materials
    • Bevel cutting
    • Rip Cutting
    • Planing/Leveling
    • Decorative edging
  • How to use the CarveWright Software on the design station
  • How to make a sign with your name on it
  • How to make a decorative bas-relief using a premade template

Materials included in the course:

24" 1x4 pine board

24" 2x4 pine

12"x12" 1/2" pine board

Basic Arduino

Date(s) Sat Sept 10, 12-3pm
Duration 3 hours
Cost $25 + Arduino
Class Size 5 people
Instructor Martin
Wiki Page BasicArduino

The Arduino 101 course is a one day class (three hours) that teaches how to use the Arduino hardware and programming environment. The class is for anyone of *any* skill level, and is an introductory class. It will take you through the basics of unpacking and setting up your arduino, installing and getting familiar with the Arduino IDE, and some simple programming exercises.

If you're curious about Arduino, this is the class for you.

  • Please bring your own Arduino. If you do not have one, please go to [Adafruit] to purchase one ($30)
  • A variety of motors, leds, switches and other gizmos will be available during the class.
  • Some experimenters kits will be available for sale after the class

Proposed Classes

This section is for classes that might be offered in the future, and/or may not yet have space approval.

Hacking Casting

Date(s) TBA
Duration ~4 days
Cost $30-50
Class Size >5 and <20 people
Instructor MattyG
Wiki Page casting101

This class will focus on the basics of metal casting. Students would collaboration build a foundry (which can double as a forge), construct molds, and pour finished castings! There is a lot of space for the incorporation of RP molds and creation of gifts for others, so bring your creativity! If you are interested, please signup on the course page!

  • Day 1: (all day) Foundry Construction and Refractory Pour
  • Day 2: (~4 hrs 1 week later) First powerup and burn-in
  • Day 3-5: In small groups: Greensand molding, mold-design, and casting!

Web Vuln Prevention & Assessment

Date(s) TBA
Duration TBA
Cost TBA
Class Size <10
Instructor Egesté
Wiki Page TBA

This class will focus on common vulnerabilities found in web applications (not server configurations); how to identify, prevent and exploit these vulnerabilities. Topics will include mitigation and exploitation strategies for:

  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Cross-site request forgery
  • Log file inclusion
  • Remote file inclusion

Wireless Router Hacking Workshop

Date(s) late Jan or Feb 2011
Duration TBA
Cost TBA
Class Size 10-20?
Instructor mightyohm
Wiki Page routerhacking

Bring your wireless router and we'll help you hack it. Emphasis will be on the Asus WL-520gU and OpenWrt. I'll put together a parts list for people who want to build a Wifi Radio based on the tutorials on my blog. Participants will be required to bring their own wireless router to hack and a laptop to hack it with. We'll have programming cables and soldering stations available for shared use during the workshop.


Working With the Lathe I Workshop

Date(s) TBA
Duration TBA
Cost TBA
Class Size 1-3?
Instructor MattM|Jerry|Danny
Wiki Page lathe

This class will focus on basic lathe operation and safety. [FIXME: this is a stub... more info needed]

Past Classes

Ham Radio 101

Date(s) TBA
Duration 2 days : 7pm
Cost Free!
Class Size up to 10 people
Instructor Mert
Wiki Page HAM101

This class will help prepare to take Technician level exam, which gives privileges on 30 MHz and above. Tests are given here in Austin on the first and third Saturdays of the month.

The Technician exam consists of a 35 question multiple-choice test that covers basic electronics, radio fundamentals, station setup, operating practices, safety, and FCC regulations. Morse code is no longer required for any class of amateur license.

Check out the study guides and practice exams linked on the wiki page to the right:

A combined Technician/General class is in the works for the future.