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(Goals of Casting 101)
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*Jonathan Leistiko
*Jonathan Leistiko
*marie carmel and Jonas (13, marie's kid)
*Marie Carmel and Jonas (13, marie's kid)
*Brian Atkinson
*Brian Atkinson
*David Mitchell
*David Mitchell

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Goals of Casting 101

  • Build the shell for a foundry/forge
  • Fill with refractory (wait a week or so for aggregate to set)
  • Plumb the propane hosiery
  • Make foundry, and mold construction tools
  • Teach basic (sand) mold making. (We can get as complex as you want on this one, especially if we have a Makerbot!)
  • Cast some things!

TODO List for Casting 101

  • Get Class Approved
  • Get approval for Forge/Foundry
  • Find Local Supplier of:
    • Fireclay (pottery house probably)
    • Bentonite Clay (industrial food additive/pottery)
    • Perlite (Airy Potting soil addative (Vulcanite will not work . . .))
  • Acquire and move large/heavy objects to space:
    • 1 bag of portland cement
    • One bag of regular sand
    • One bag of fine grit "ashtray" sand
    • 1 Small steel barrel (scrap water heater, large scrap propane tank, medium steel trash can, or similar)
    • Something largish to mix refractory in . . . (wheelbarrow?)

Things that would be handy for refractory casting

  • Hose
  • Shovel/Trowels
  • Trashbags + Cardboard
  • Welder might be handy

The cost of the class represents only really what we need to put everything together, safety equipment, etc. The foundry/forge could be a permanent fixture of the space, or go to a loving home elsewhere, depending on the desires of the group/space.


Please email me (meawoppl at that Google mail service) and put your name below:

  • Mandie Kramer
  • David Fowler (uCHobby)
  • Doug Pichler
  • Egesté
  • Jonathan Leistiko
  • Marie Carmel and Jonas (13, marie's kid)
  • Brian Atkinson
  • David Mitchell
  • Luke Iseman
  • Marshall Vaughan
  • Jason Lambert ( volunteer supplies: 30 lb propane tank/propane, scrap aluminum )
  • Blake
  • Nathan Scherrer