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What's the Build-Out?

We've signed the lease, and we can start moving in after the second week of September! This is the location - 1601 Rutherford Ln, Suite A200

This means we need to start searching for and acquiring stuff we need as soon as possible. We're going to need some volunteers to come over and help build some stuff as well (shelves, benches, storage areas)…

There are a lot of items that we need!

Look at the list below, and see if you're willing to be responsible for the search for a given item/items. More than one person can search for an item!


Mezzanine build

Build-out Host : Martin B. To Be Announced (We're working on budgeting it) We will be:

  • Strengthening the floor w/ new 4×10 joist spacers - Done
  • adding six new 4×4 support beams
  • Adding a new 5/8” floor for strength, stability, and noise reduction

Organize Borganize

Build-out Host : Marshall V.
Sat, Nov 13th 10AM - 6PM
We will be:

  • Assembling and populating shelves
  • Putting unknown items aside in Lost & Found
  • Mounting peg-boards and tools (if available)


RSVP for the build out by emailing the organizer to become a Google calendar guest

If you sign up for a build-out day, please show up. We rely on you being there. If you can't make it, take yourself off the RSVP list and contact the build-out host.

Equipment Donations List

What do we need?

Stuff We Need
Item Quantity Person
Couch 1
Folding Chairs 30
Conference Table 1
Projection Screen 1 Mandie Kramer (6ft wide, silver surface)
CPI open rail server rack 1 MattyG
Projector 1 Martin
Bean Bags 2 Martin
Cool Posters 4 Marshall
Vinyl Sign for Front Window 1
Task Lights 4
Work Lights 4
Metal Flammables Cabinet 1 Martin
Commercial Fridge 1 Martin
Chest Freezer 1
Vending Machine (sodas) 1
Vending Machine (snack) 1
Speakers 2 sets MattyG (1 set) David M (1 questionable set)
Stereo 1 David M
VOIP Telephones (front and shop) 3
RFID/KeyCode Door Lock 2 Martin, Steve, Tim
Security System 1
Light desks (5ft X 2.5ft) 2 Matt
Rolling chairs 7 Matt
6 Drawer Large Storage Cabinet 1 Evan M.
4×8 peg board 1 Winifred W.
Wet/Dry Vac 1
Microwave 1 MattyG
Coffee making apparatus 1 Matt
Tea press 1
Whiteboard 1 Mandie Kramer

Possible Donations

Equipment that you are willing to donate but is not on the “What do we need?” list:

Volunteered Assets
Item Quantity Person
Desktop PC w/ Win XP 1 Matt
72” x 30” folding table 1 Jason Lambert
Ryobi 6” Bench Grinder 1 Jason Lambert
All-in-One Printer 1 Mandie Kramer