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Please choose what you feel to be the most accurate interpretation of the terms of the directorship positions per the ATX Hackerspace Operating Agreement:

A) That the Directorships of Finances and Human Resources were both grandfathered in from the previous incarnation of the Hackerspace based on their original election dates: Director of Finance being June 15th, 2010 and Director of Human Resources being October 11th, 2011. Therefore, the position of Director of Finances is due for elections.

B) That all the Directorships positions were novel positions at the conversion of the Hackerspace. Therefore both the Directors of Finances and Human Resources should be opened for applications and elections since they were not elected at the start.

C) That the Directorship positions were held over from the previous incarnation of the Hackerspace and renewed at the date of conversion, November 6th, 2012, for a full 3 year term.