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Adafruit Wholesale Order

We get various discounts from Adafruit if we order $250 worth of stuff. It's the Adafruit wholesale discount! So, if you want to get in on an order, add your request to this page. When the total gets to be ~$250, the order goes in, and is delivered to the hackerspace.

There have been various non-paying people on the last couple orders. SO, in order to put the order in this time, when the order is complete we'll be taking the payments BEFORE placing the order. Sorry, but the hackerspace just can't absorb $70-100 in unpaid items.

May/June Adafruit Order

Sorry for the crazy table stuff, but it's how MediaWiki works. If there was a WYSIWYG editor I would have used it.

165 Temp Sensor 6 $2.00 $1.60 $9.60 Martin
98 GPS Logger Shield 1 $19.50 $19.50 $19.50 Martin
390 USB / DC / Solar Lithium Ion/Polymer charger - v1.0 1 $20  ? $20 ish Roland M.
377 Rotary Encoder + Extras - 2 $4.50  ? $9 ish Roland M.

~23% of $250 goal