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MIT is doing 6.002x "Circuits & Electronics" online starting March 5th, 2012. Let's get a study group together.

Meetup Schedule

  • First meeting: Monday Feb 27th 7PM. (1 week before class starts).
    • This will be a quick meet-n-greet, and a chance to set expectations for the class, work out each other's schedules, have a beer, etc.
    • We should collect online resources that will help us learn and practice
  • Second meeting (tentative): Monday March 5th 7PM -- first day of class.
    • We'll watch the lecture, try and work through one or two problems, set a date for next meetup. Expected time needed is 2 hours, but I'm clueless on that.

Signed up

Remedial resources

  • Brush up on Derivatives. Work up through the differential equations bit.