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= Meetup Schedule =
= Meetup Schedule =
tentative / proposed / in flux / declare your availability and/or desire
* Mondays 7-9PM
** Week 1 is here!  Read [https://6002x.mitx.mit.edu/book Chapter 1].  Other chapters are noted in the Week 1 section of the [https://6002x.mitx.mit.edu/static/handouts/calendar.pdf calendar].
* OtherDay?  Jeffrey and Andy can't make Mondays.
* First meeting: Monday Feb 27th 7PM.  (1 week before class starts).
** This will be a quick meet-n-greet, and a chance to set expectations for the class, work out each other's schedules, have a beer, etc.
** We should collect online resources that will help us learn and practice
* Second meeting (tentative):  Monday March 5th 7PM -- first day of class.
** We'll watch the lecture, try and work through one or two problems, set a date for next meetup.  Expected time needed is 2 hours, '''but I'm clueless on that'''.
== Signed up ==
== Signed up ==

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MIT is doing 6.002x "Circuits & Electronics" online starting March 5th, 2012. Let's get a study group together.

Meetup Schedule

  • Mondays 7-9PM
    • Week 1 is here! Read Chapter 1. Other chapters are noted in the Week 1 section of the calendar.
  • OtherDay? Jeffrey and Andy can't make Mondays.

Signed up

Course Textbook

The course textbook is Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits by Agarwal and Lang, Elsevier, 2005. The course website provides the required chapter excerpts, so probably no need to spend $100 on this book.

Remedial resources